Top 5 Actresses With Decent Dressings In Pakistani Dramas

Today we will talk about five actresses who are very decent in dressing. You must have seen a lot of actresses, who just want the opportunity to expose their body. If they find a role, their body is being exposed too much. But when these five actresses got such a role, so they did the dressing very well. They should be encouraged here and I think all the other actresses should also learn from them that if you get a role where you have to present your body a little bit, you should still dress well. So let’s talk about five actresses whose dressing decenting is very high.

1. Aiman Khan:

Aiman Khan

I have seen a lot of Aiman Khan’s plays. And she got some drama roles where she has to put a little bit of dressing in such a way that you have to present yourself in a little bold way, but still, the way she did the dressing never made me feel like that. She always maintained her dress fairly well. When it comes to his sister Minal Khan, I think there are some traits in her when she gets a role where she has to present herself a little bit in such a way that the girl is a little bit bold.

2. Yumna Zaidi:

Yumna Zaidi

Now the actresses who come to number two. Her name is Yumna Zaidi. Yumna Zaidi also presents herself in a fairly decent way. I have never seen any of his dramas where his body is being exposed too much or he has put on a very absurd type of dressing. She always present herself very well. In this case, all you can see in her dramas is that you will not see anything wrong.

3. Ayeza Khan:

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza khan acted in a lot of dramas and I have never seen her in a drama in such a way that I say yes man her dressing looks very useless. Or I think the dressing has become very bold. Speaking of Ayeza, I have recently seen his play ‘Meherposh’. She looks a little old there. Old in the sense that she looks a little older than her age. But she maintained her dress fairly well.

4. Sarah Khan:

Sarah Khan

Now there is an actress on the number four who is quite cute. She has a very good appearance in front of the camera. Sarah Khan does very good dressing wear. All the plays of Sara Khan have come out recently. There she is shown as a very bold type of girl. In many places you see her wearing jeans, but still, nowhere her body is being exposed. She has a very good dressing sense, well enough to maintain herself in front of the camera.

5. Hiba Qadir:

Hiba Qadir

So now let’s talk about the number five actresses of which we’ve always seen her in decent dressing. She promotes Pakistani culture quite well. And I never think she can’t even wear a jeans top. I’m not saying it’s bad if you wear a jeans top. Her name is ‘Hiba Bukhari’. Now, in all the dramas that I have seen of Hiba Bukhari, even if she is wearing a shalwar kameez, she has done such loose wear where it looks thicker than the actual physique. So that’s not a good thing either, but nowhere do you present the athlete’s dressing in such a way that the odyssey feeling doesn’t come anywhere.

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