Raqs-e-Bismil Drama Complete Story – All Episodes Review

The story of the drama serial Raqs e bismil revolves around the two characters who are quite different from each other. A character named Musa (Imran Ashraf Awan) belongs to a very religious family. A family, in which people do not get married outside of their family. When Musa’s sister Sakina (Essa) falls in love with a person of another family, she ran away and tried to marry him. Musa went with his younger brother Essa and beat her sister. The mother who raised her request him to leave her daughter. After which Musa leaves her. At night, Musa’s father orders in front of the whole family that Essa, who is Musa’s younger brother will marry Sakina. Sakina gives Musa a curse and says, It’s my desire that, If you will fall in love with someone and she leaves you, then you are tormented day and night to get it and the blood of your desires is on your be like me.

One day on the bus, Musa sees a girl named Zahra(Sarah Khan) whose eyes show a clear reflection of piousness. But she belongs to a family of dancers and singers. Musa chases after her and tells her directly that I want to marry you. Zahra replies straight to him, that it looks like you belong to a noble family so take care of your honor, so I can’t marry you. She denies him, and Musa wonders, why she rejected me. And he tries to agree her again.

The family of Zahra tries to get her married to a big businessman who pays a lot of money. Now when Musa will chase Zahra again and again, what will Zahra do in such a situation? She will ask the people of the neighborhood or maybe she will ask them to beat him. But still he is willing to go in for some reason. This beat of four or five men does not seem to be a beat for him. He will chase her again and here Zahra will be quite surprised and upset and will discuss with her sister that if someone is teasing me then her sister will say that what he wants actually. So she would say that only and only marriage. But I don’t trust him.

When Zahra doesn’t come to the university for many days, Musa gets upset and goes to her street where people tell him about her family background and Musa was shocked to her this.

Then he went to Zahra’s house and see her mother, then he will ask her where is Zahra, I want to meet her. And she will say what is your budget? He will give them all money and he will say that it is not the price of Zahra’s time, otherwise, it is definitely to shut your mouth. In such a case, he may not be allowed to meet Zahra saying that you do not a standard to meet her.

Bring a lot of money first or maybe a little talk happened with Zahra. Musa folds his hands in front of her and says that he loves her very much but Zahra also has some compulsions. She can’t leave this house either. There must be some reason. As you are told at the beginning of the play that she is studying and she has got permission, no other girl has got permission. There may be a reason for this. There may be an emotional reason with the aunt or with the mother who is living with it. So she rejects him again and sent back.

Then, there will be a lot of screaming and shouting here. He will be against his father. As the father is a more Islamic person here. When he finds out that Musa is running after a girl who belongs to a dancing and singing family, he will be angry with him also. Maybe this time, they would even kick him out of the house.

Now when all this is in front of Musa, he will sit down and think, where did he go wrong? Then he will remember his sister’s words that if you will be treated the same way, then you will not be able to find your love. So first he will try to fix the condition that he has ever damaged. He will explain to his brother that somehow he should leave Sakina. Because she doesn’t love him and when he will leave her and then it will reunite Sakina with her loving man. Meaning that she loved and in such a case Sakina’s behavior will be better for Musa going ahead. She cursed her. She will now pray for him that all his wounds may heal and all his pain may be removed. Then gradually you will be shown that Musa’s heart will be so calm that he will be in the way of Allah and is trying to hold his position. Maybe his father also died after so much pain and suffering that the son turned out to be.

After the death of the father, he will become an ascetic and will control the way of the disciples. When he walks on this path, then his prayer will be that somehow Zahra will come on the right path or she will get away from the tasks in which she is lying. So there must be something that Zahra will also feel like where did Musa go and why isn’t he coming to save me. When her mother will request her to go with this someone, but she will not go. In such a case, it can be seen that in the last episode of the play, Zahra will also realize that she doing wrong. Is. A man who wanted to accept her in every way, she rejected her. Here, the mother would only want to earn money by doing wrong things for the rest of her life. So whatever her condition will be, swear, or emotional condition, handling all these things well, Zahra will be shown and she will come straight to Musa. She will sit at his feet and say take her as her owns. I think the story of this drama went something like this. You may be shown a lot of drama scenes like the one I told you the story, but honestly, this is my personal imaginative story. You know very well that the story I often imagine is sometimes better than the real story. Now let’s see how the story of the play works and what will be shown to you next.

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